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Our Mission

We will work together to make life better for our local community and the international community by encompassing Rotary’s aim of Service Above Self.

What We Believe

We believe that when we work together we can achieve things we never thought possible as individuals. As one person who is part of a team, we can achieve dreams of making the world a better place.

We are only limited by our imagination, and with all of us working to create a brighter society, we can start to make a difference. The first step is the one that will set us on a path to improve life for people living locally, and for those overseas who might be positively affected by our actions here.

Our Values

Finding your values is like setting a compass that guides the direction the club might take.

We value equity and diversity. We value all people having the chance to live in a world free from Polio. We value our members’ strengths so that they can find ways of making the work of Rotary go into new directions.

We value children and their right for having clean water. 
We value education, and literacy as part of the right of the child. All children have the right to become literate including children in third world countries. They have the same right to education as children in wealthier communities.

We believe in children from overseas having access to surgery in Australia that will improve their lives. We value children and adults with disabilities living locally having fun on our Carousel.

Our values are to help our members learn and grow, to find ways where they can contribute while having fun, and to network with others in the community.

Get Connected

Stay in touch with the events of the Henley Rotary Club at the links below, or drop us a line on email or at the contact form.