Rotary Against Slavery

A recent visit to Henley Rotary by Russell Green enlightened us about the terrible problem of slavery. This issue exists in most countries, and it is invisible until you become informed on how it is able to exist. Although Rotary was initially involved in trying to stop child slavery, there is now recognition that this problem also massively affects adults. Many of these are women who are brought from developing countries to countries like Australia and the United Kingdom. Many are involved in the sex trade, and are unable to leave exploitative captors who keep them in terrible conditions, forced into an industry that is unregulated. There are also people in the agricultural industry, being brought out to undertake work that is difficult to find local workers to do.

Recently several television programs have been aired that show Australian and American men going to the Philippines and trying to access children. Work is now being done to find out where these children are being exploited and to rescue them so that they can be educated and live in safety.