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The Rotary Club of Henley Beach  (RI Club No: 17634) is a member of District 9500 which covers parts of South Australia and Northern Territory.

Members of the club come from a variety of professional backgrounds and are passionate about helping our community.
Positions on the Executive Committee rotate every 12 months, and the club welcomes new members to be part of this exciting team.

Our Executive Team

Anthony Masson
Anthony MassonPresident, Bulletin Editor and Treasurer
Anthony fills many roles within the Henley Rotary Club. Why? Because he finds it very fulfilling and being involved in the many aspects of Rotary and Community involvement has created a great sense of achievement. He once said that “Rotary has done more for me in becoming a Leader than any other time in my working life, because Rotary encourages you to participate and develop ones many skills and does not put you down.”
Anthony has worked closely with Frank to manage and promote the operations of the Carousel which also provides opportunities for people with disabilities to ride the horses, something that was only a dream for many and Kickstart for Kids program which enables Primary School children to be fed, be able to concentrate and reduce their disruptiveness. He also helps to promote Leadership within the Youth through our local schools.
There is a great feeling of comradeship when working with other ordinary people doing an extraordinary job within our local and world communities. It would be great to open these opportunities up to others who would like to give something back in their lifetime, no matter how busy they may be.
Julia Merkel
Julia MerkelVice President
Hello! I’ve been the President of the Rotary Club of Henley Beach for the last year. I am now in my second term as President.
I’m a mother of two beautiful girls and grandmother of three. I am married to Neil.
My husband joined Rotary in 2005. At that time I was also asked if I would like to join. However, work was busy and I knew if I went into Rotary I wanted to be able to commit and didn’t feel I could do that. In 2010 following the 50th Birthday of Henley Beach RC many members who had contributed so much to the community left. They felt that they were ageing, and were unable to contribute to the same extent. I am in awe of the things they managed to do. The Club was at risk of closing. I was asked to join and decided that it would be a good time for me to do this. As the first woman member, I was warmly welcomed. University had prepared me to look at some leadership roles, and last year I became President. I have loved being part of Rotary, meeting people who have the similar values.
I am able to be part of a small but dynamic group of members. We have achieved a great deal, and are looking to the future. We would love to welcome you to one of our meetings so that you can see if you like us.
Neil Merkel
Neil MerkelSecretary
Neil has undertaken several roles within the Rotary Club of Henley Beach. He has served as President for a two-year term and is currently the Secretary. He has come from working in the Tertiary sector, and a number of roles in the private sector.
He loves Rotary because it gives him a chance to serve. He also enjoys meeting with people and seems to have a connection with everyone.
He has been a consistent cook at the BBQs at the local shopping centre. He also drives for Meals on Wheels.
Frank Schirripa
Frank SchirripaCommunity Officer
Frank has undertaken the role of meeting with many people locally about the Rotary Club. He has been involved with the Semaphore Carousel, and liaised with local businesses and the Council to help get the Carousel project off the ground. Frank and Wife Jan have been instrumental in helping our Club become involved with the Kickstart program. Frank has decided to make it his mission to encourage us to grow the membership. He provides a welcoming smile, a good joke, and a lot of fun.

Our Members

Some of our Members, L. To R.; John Carter, Alan Warnes, Mandy Carter, Neil Merkel, Julia Merkel, Frank Schirripa, and Anthony Masson

We need more people like Frank and Jan. Maybe  you can spare some time on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings and would like to help us make sandwiches we would be really grateful for just an hour or so.